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The ultimate sales platform

Quativa provides solar installers with a single solution for its sales teams.

Quativa is designed to empower installation companies by providing a comprehensive tool aimed at enhancing their sales organizations ensuring a streamlined process for sales teams to thrive in the solar industry.

Built to serve all Installer Models

The Quativa platform has been designed for any type of business model serving all types of sales organization relationships.

Installers with internal sales teams.

Internal sales team. Set hierarchies and permissions. Build teams. Easily update adders and equipment selections. Onboard and train faster. Monitor team KPIs. Speed from deal handoff to your Project CRM. 

Installers who work with external sales organizations.

Create teams and set Redline PPWs. Provide a full suite of sales tools with one login. No per user fees. Scale your sales without the overhead. Simplified process that ensures clean build ready jobs from external sales team. Update adders, finance options and equipment offerings on the fly. 

Large Enterprise organizations looking for a custom white label solution.

Customized software solutions to give your national brand a competitive advantage.

More than a white label, Quativa partners with your team develop your own application powered by Quativa tech to give you control over your solar sales ecosystem.

Enjoy the smoothest sales process in the industry, Propelled by Quativa

Intuitive and easy to use sales app for solar teams

Designed specifically for solar teams, offering fast and accurate proposal generation so that teams can focus solely on sales effectiveness to close more deals quickly and accurately.

Integrated lease calculations enhance proposal efficiency

The Quativa platform automatically processes calculations for batteries and integrates adders, simplifying your sales process while enhancing accuracy.

Integrates with your CRM for seamless project handoff

Quativa integrates with your CRM for efficient project handoff to your project management CRM. Quativa support ensures the project is complete and build-worthy for your team to get to work.

Onboarding & Training

Quativa is committed to providing comprehensive training for you and your team, ensuring proficiency and readiness for selling solar using the app.

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Leverage Quativa's CRM Integration for Immediate Access to Real-Time Data and Project Management

Quativa seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM to enable instant project submissions and real-time milestone updates, streamlining the transition from sales to installation. This integration enhances communication between teams and ensures sales reps are always informed, improving overall project management efficiency.

Available on iOS

Your Solar Financing, Products & Pricing with Comprehensive Customization

Make edits and changes to your finance options, modules, inverters, batteries, proposal themes, adders, preferences, and company pricing. Take complete control of your company's options all via the Quativa installer portal.

Financing Options
Proposal Themes

Single click Contracts

Our system instantly generates and delivers the installation agreement and finance documents directly to your customers, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Additionally, our intuitive interface streamlines the management of change orders without any additional fees, and everyone is notified in real time when documents are signed, enhancing transparency and communication.

Elevate your sales Ecosystem

Quativa's Leaderboards empower your sales strategy with comprehensive insights and control, driving achievement and data-driven decisions across your sales ecosystem.

Track and Analyze: Easily monitor sales activities and close ratios, identifying high performers.
Celebrate Success: Highlight and celebrate your team's leaders, fostering a culture of achievement.
Stay Ahead: Notice and act on emerging trends to ensure your team remains competitive.

Finance Options

Effortlessly tap into directly integrated finance options within the Quativa app, streamlining your access to a suite of comprehensive financial tools.

Introducing the BrightStar Lease from Service Finance

Leases with Quativa can be designed as quickly as a loan, featuring auto-calculations for battery adders, a straightforward solution for NEM 3.0 states, customization branding, integrated BrightStar Lease application, and simple document signing, all delivered in as little as 5 minutes!

Goodleap, Mosaic, and Sunlight direct integration.

Quativa simplifies solar sales with seamlessly integrated loan options. Through a direct API connection to your lender account, you can review multiple loan products simultaneously. Applying is straightforward using the app, allowing for swift approvals in a matter of moments. This streamlined process ensures you can offer flexible financing solutions with ease, enhancing the buying experience for your customers.

Non-Integrated Financing

Designed to broaden your financing options by allowing access to external providers directly within the app.  Provide your team with your preferred finance providers and products. The sales rep inputs details to calculate the final project price and monthly payments. The app guides them through generating a detailed web proposal for the customer, applying for the loan externally, and then integrating the loan details back into the Quativa app.  

Add sales teams under
Your master account

Add internal and external sales teams easily. Structure your organization on your terms.

What are the steps to getting started?


Sign up with Quativa

Book a demo to connect with our Installer partnership director to review our sales and installation platform.


Complete installer profile

Submit key documents like adder sheets, equipment, HIA Docs to build out your profile in Quativa installer portal.


Complete training & launch

Complete onboarding training for you and your sales teams and start selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions installers have about Quativa

What training resources are available on the Quativa app?

Quativa offers a comprehensive collection of instructional videos and detailed walkthroughs designed to help users master the Quativa app. This includes detailed instructional videos, featuring practical guides and tips. Additionally, the app is designed for ease of use, ensuring that even those without extensive technical knowledge can navigate it efficiently.

What sales support features are available on the Quativa app?

Sales representatives are always supported during in-home consultations, ensuring they are never alone in the home. Quativa chat support stands ready, offering immediate assistance by remote access to the app as needed, directly aiding the sales process in real time. Moreover, the application boasts a live chat feature, providing guaranteed instant support and assistance, enhancing the experience and efficiency of in-home consultations.

What is the onboarding process for new users of the Quativa app?

New owners and admins meet with a human at Quativa who guides them through a simple, step-by-step procedure that includes setting up their organization's profile, personalizing pricing and proposal templates with their logo, and appointing a team leader who can onboard additional users. This process ensures a quick and efficient setup, allowing teams to start utilizing the app's features without delay.

What is the initial cost for starting with the Quativa app?

Starting with the Quativa app is currently more accessible than ever. The initial onboarding costs are waived for all new users until June 1st, providing a cost-effective opportunity for solar installers to begin using the app. This promotion is part of our commitment to supporting the growth of solar businesses. After this promotional period, standard pricing will apply. For specific pricing details and information about ongoing offers, we encourage contacting the Quativa sales team. This approach ensures that every installer can access tailored information to suit their business needs.

Can I update the equipment offerings available to my sales representatives in the Quativa app?

Yes, Quativa offers a flexible and real-time update feature for equipment offerings. Installers have the ability to quickly and easily modify their equipment list, ensuring that sales representatives always have the most current and relevant products to offer customers. This feature now includes the capability for your operations team to manage adders, equipment, and finance options directly from the Quativa Installer Portal, accessible on any device. This enhancement significantly boosts the responsiveness and adaptability of sales strategies, enabling real-time adjustments in response to market conditions or inventory changes.

How is pricing managed within the Quativa app?

In the Quativa app, installers have the flexibility to set Price-Per-Watt (PPW) guidelines for their sales teams, whether internal or external. This feature allows for the establishment of clear pricing boundaries, ensuring consistency in sales approaches and pricing strategies. Moreover, the app provides comprehensive visibility and reporting capabilities, enabling installers to effectively monitor and analyze their sales organization's pipeline. This level of oversight ensures that pricing strategies are aligned with business objectives and market trends.

What does it cost to join the Quativa Platform to originate the BrightStar Lease?

There is no cost to originate BrightStar Leases within Quativa and all integration fees will be waived for the first 100 Installers that enroll.